Rabu, 23 November 2011


Random Facts

1.Changmin was born at 5 am. 2.Musicians who admired Brian Mcknight, Shin Hyesung, Kangta
3.According to Changmin, he is not ill-tempered.
4.When Changmin angry, he'll go to the bathroom and vent amarahya the tissue. (Scrolling tissue very quickly.)
5.Really like karaoke song "To My Bride (Yurisangja)" - This song juag dinyanyiin ama ama JJ Junsu JJ party at her sister's wedding.
6.Changmin likes to watch Harry Potter.
7.Want to really to Europe.
8.Like the color white.
9.The best thing he ever did, which involved school community service.
10.Act like a sudden.
11.Would appreciate someone who likes to work hard.
12.Dengarin really like music.
13.er purse Changmin kayak Doraemon bag magically, all the stuff is inside.
14.His life is I-podnya Changmin.
15.Changmin willing to trade his soul for the sake of food.
16.The most frequent reply Changmin UFO mail.
17.Reply Changmin's UFO always aneh2 mail.
18.Like really quiet at home.
19.Changmin not kepengin Puna girl child.
20.Changmin sure if his future not going to stand with his son if his son Junsu Junsu Junsu ama similar nature.

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